evja is an innovative performance piece that promises to truly transport audience members. This multi-faceted project explores the emotional and psychological state of a woman caught in her own nightmare. Thoroughly multidisciplinary, this independent production will bring together dance, music and installation art to generate a surprising and powerful experience.

Entirely original and Montreal based, evja is an exciting opportunity to discover the work of home-grown and internationally recognized artists. Award winning choreographer and lead dancer with Ballet Jazz de Montreal, James Gregg, conceived the dance component of the project, while widely recognised composer Courtney Wing created the musical score. Eco-sculptural artist Phillipe Allard has been invited to build installations of recycled materials that will be used on stage and integrated to the performance.

A distinctive feature of this project is its ability to offer a profound introspective journey to a wide audience. Immediately following the performance, guests will be called upon to engage with the piece and share their impressions. Not only will this collaborative approach with the audience be an opportunity for guests to better understand the creative process, it will be an invaluable tool for the dancers and musicians who will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of their creative work. An interactive online platform is currently being developed to further this rich exchange between viewers and artists.

evja will be presented for the very first time in early 2012. Following this launch, an additional week of performances will be scheduled. Leading up to this date, the  process of creation will be shared with all those wishing to be a part of it. The different steps, setbacks and victories involved in putting together a significant production will be available online to quench the curiosity of the interested. We hope you will be among them.